Presentation Format:   Large Chart and a mural of the Sanctuary

  • ​To answer the basic question, "What must I do to be saved?"

  • To instill in the listener a sense of urgency in pursuing holiness through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  • To encourage a desire to be prepared for His soon return.

  • To present LAST DAY EVENTS in the light of THE SANCTUARY.

  • Most important to reveal the "Love of God."

Welcome to Last Day Ministries

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  • Introduction–Revelation 12, “War in Heaven”
  • “What Must I do to be Saved”
  • “Investigative Judgment and the Two Bloods”
  • “Who are the 144,000?”
  • “The Sabbath & New Covenant”
  • “The Shaking”
  • “The Little Horn” & “The Seven Trumpets”
  • “The Abomination of Desolations”
  • “Character of God” – Part 1 (The Function of Law)
  • “Character of God” – Part 2 (The Anger of the Nations, The Wrath of   God)
  • “Character of God” – Part 3 (The Final Judgment)
  • “Character of God” – Part 4 (The Veil and Two Forms of Justice”
  • “Last Day Event Chart Explanation”